Friday, 13 January 2017

Tales of Vlad the Botoxed and Donald the Liar

Vlad the Botoxed may be many things but he is not stupid. He knows that Donald the Liar is a clown and a buffoon and will eventually self destruct causing all kinds of damage. Putin however cannot help himself. He hates the United States and is enjoying the spectacle of watching this fool become the President of the United States. He is intrigued that the land of the free and the great beacon of democracy for the world has freely and of its own volition, with just a little help from the Russians, elected a man who does not have the mental capacity or intellect to not contradict himself within a few sentences.

Does Putin have material with which to blackmail Trump? Of course he does. The problem is that Trump has such a thick hide and is so inured to controversy that he cannot be blackmailed. How do you blackmail someone who is so serially dishonest he would simply lie about it? If Russia were to tell him that they had material on his finances and on his liaisons with prostitutes he would simply deny any of it was him and call it a smear. Then he would launch nuclear missiles.

Vlad has concluded that he will never be able to use the material he has on Donald the Liar. But he is enjoying the spectacle anyway. Vlad is like that.

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