Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Brexit, the Lib Dems and The Lords

In a text book example of why the Lib Dems find themselves in their present predicament to the large scale amusement of the country at large, one of them, an unelected Liberal Democrat who is merely a moron and not simply an oxymoron, opined thus yesterday:

'If we had voted Remain 52 - 48, we would not be seeing a hard Remain where we adopted the Euro and joined the Schengen Area.'

This, needless to say, was during the opening skirmishes of the House of Lords debating the Brexit bill and came from Lord Newby, the Lib Dem leader in that house. We are always told that debates are of a higher quality in the Lords, and so congratulations to Lord Newby for attempting to disprove this notion in addition to confirming everything that we all think about his party.

He probably thought this an excellent debating point. Needless to say it isn't. It is a fatuous one, but one that could only come from a party that has long been so beholden to all things European it comes across like a sci-fi convention for people who don't need to wear masks or silly outfits rather than a proper party. I have no idea if Kling-On is allowed to be spoken in the House of Lords, but Lord Newby might as well have been doing so while gripping his Bat'leth.

So let me disabuse him. First, as you are very well aware, the referendum was on whether or not we should stay in the EU and not whether we should either leave or plough further into it.

Second, not even the bloody Lib Dems could, with a straight face, recommend that we become further enmeshed in it by joining the hated euro currently causing economic carnage across the continent and Schengen which is just facilitating carnage and those who seek to create it.

Thirdly, and most importantly, who are you kidding? If we had voted last year to stay in the EU then getting sucked further and further into it was precisely what was planned. The Commission had kept its plans on the backburner while the referendum was taking place but they would by now be proposing all manner of further integration and 'more Europe.' Despite the aforementioned carnage of the last couple of years there has still been no rolling back of Schengen. Despite the millions put out of work by it, the euro remains untouched and untouchable. Our voting to stay in would have been seen as a vote for further integration and there would have been little any of us could have done about it. Many of us made that argument at the time.

Finally, as we also argued at the time, the only viable way for us to leave the EU and regain control over the things that the British people wanted to regain control over was to have so called hard Brexit, to vote to leave the single market and the customs union. That remains the case now, although our access to the single market is negotiable.

Its nice to know isn't it that, 8 months on, they still haven't come up with better arguments for their baleful project.

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