Thursday, 23 February 2017

The Feckless Credulousness of Lefty Bleeding Hearts

Let's be clear, this blog enjoys criticising and otherwise excoriating Tony Blair as much as the rest of them. But he is not responsible for the scandal of our having paid out £1m to a terrorist. Neither are ministers in the governments of David Cameron, or at least not Tory ones. It wasn't their fault that they were forced by circumstance to share government with the holier than thou prigs of the Lib Dems.

But the blame lies fairly and squarely at the human rights industry's door. It is they who always believe the worst of our security services and military, they who constantly agitate for trials and inquiries and compensation for the supposedly unconscionable behaviour of our largely blameless and public spirited personnel who do their work in an admirable, fair and professional manner. That is how Phil Shiner, the corrupt human rights lawyer, prospered for so long. Its the same mindset we see from the likes of Chauncey and his beloved Stop the War coalition. Britain and the west is always to blame and our enemies can always be excused, no matter how egregious their behaviour.

Say what you like about the Iraq war and other interventions but they were done with noble if naive intentions. They were attempts to make the world fairer, safer, more just. But the critics refuse to see that.

We have of course learnt our lesson. We have learnt that we cannot impose our values on other cultures and shouldn't try, no matter how frustrating it can be dealing with regimes whose human rights records are so appalling. But here again the sanctimonious left wants to have its cake and eat it. We must not interfere in other countries and cultures, that is imperialism. But we should still not trade with these regimes, we should still criticise their human rights records. Which is it? You cannot have both.

We see the same on the rights of women and other minority groups. They want to respect other cultures, other sensibilities and beliefs whilst at the same time claiming to be advocates of women's rights or gay and lesbian rights.

But these are the double standards of the left. They can be very persuasive and dominant. Even the Daily Mail advocated the release of Ronnie Fiddler, the jihadist cretin who we had released from Guantanamo and then paid £1m to only for him to blow himself up, thus proving that the authorities who had caught him and imprisoned him and been right all along.

The problem we all face is that there is no easy solution to the jihadist menace. We tiptoe around the issue, but this is a problem restricted to one religion because that religion, though fundamentally no more stupid than all the others, has been seized upon by zealots and turned into a murderous cult or series of cults who imagine they are fighting for their brainless god, their imaginary prophet and that all of the world is ranged against them. In reality the world is remarkable tolerant as the response to Trump's Muslim ban demonstrates. There have been numerous terrorist atrocities across parts of the western world these last few years, but few of us believe that we are in a war against Islam or more particularly against Muslims. We just wish that they would take their silly superstition a little less seriously and come and join us in the real world. Still, live and let live eh?

That still leaves the intractable problem of what we do against the worst jihadists, the most deranged and deluded, the ones who went to Syria imagining they were doing their idiot god's work, the ones who blow themselves up or exhort others to. Answer: we use the full force of the law against them, harass them and make their lives difficult. We have a rule of law in this country and around the western world and it is our protection against the overweening state. But we also need protection from the human rights lawyers who cynically use every trick in the book to defend and free clients who are guilty but who they feel are more sinned against than sinning.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance of course. But it would be nice if some of our fellow citizens were a little more vigilant and a lot less credulous.

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