Wednesday, 8 February 2017

The First Bathrobe

Donald Trump is angry. Its bad enough that the lying media said his crowd was smaller than it really was, that his speeches have been greeted with less than utter rapture, his staff are leaking about him, the women aren't dressing like proper women, his press spokesman has been portrayed by a female comedian and his executive orders have been rejected by a so-called judge.

But now it has got out that he sits around the White House at night obsessing about what is being said about him wearing a bathrobe. This, Sean Spicer said, is simply not true. He doesn't even own one and certainly doesn't wear one.

Here is how we know it is true.

First we know that Donald, rather than doing his work and reading an accumulation of data to make decisions as he claims, instead sits and watches the TV news channels and obsesses over what they are saying about him. He then tweets about it.

We also know that Donald is fat. Quite seriously overweight. He is also 70 years old. So sitting around in a bathrobe, or a dressing gown as we call them this side of the Atlantic, is comfortable and normal.

And we know that he has in the past not only owned and worn a bathrobe, he has posed in one as seen in the picture above.

Finally it is practically a requirement for the president to own and wear a bathrobe because, though the White House is his home, it is a home that is full of staff, secret service agents and others who might walk in on the president at any time because of some national emergency or other reason. And so in his relaxation time Donald must err on the side of discretion. The White House never truly feels like home. It must be a god awful place to live in in so many ways.

All of which is encouraging I'm sure you will agree. Donald cannot even sit around being obsessive and a slob in his dressing gown without the lying media finding out about it and writing about it. Donald being Donald he then gets angry about this. The man is heading for a nervous breakdown.

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