Tuesday, 14 February 2017

These Disobedient Working Class Toe-Rags

Paul Mason, one time Newsnight reporter and now one of the consiglieres of the leader of the Labour Party, apparently thinks that the people at present deserting Labour and thinking of voting for Ukip are toe rags. No, really.

This just goes to confirm what I wrote in my post just yesterday, that the party of the working man has so definitively lost touch with the people it was founded to represent, been so thoroughly captured by the teenage tendency, the middle class wankers, the Rick from the Young Ones dreamers that they now think that the people they actually need to vote for them are toe rags who would nick your bike.

It is not permitted by the likes of Mason - who is having the world's longest middle aged crisis and breakdown - to disagree with their prescriptions and analyses. And so, in the event that they cannot no platform you or ban you or shout you down or call you names, then they simply dismiss you as being a working class Tory or a class traitor. Or a scab of course. Perish the thought, in this pluralistic society they claim to support, that you might have your own views, your own standards and that these depart from those of the over educated, common sense deprived legions of the middle class warriors for the toe-rags.

Perhaps we should remind Mason et al that they have been telling us that Chauncey will ride to victory at the next election, from his current low point in the polls around the mid twenties, by galvanising the millions who do not currently vote. That's the toe-rags in Mason parlance. Yet the latest polling suggests that in places like Stoke, which voted leave and is having its much anticipated by election next week, Labour is in third place behind Ukip and the Tories. Yes, the Tories. Come the revolution eh comrade.

Its good to know that this socialist revolution is no different to all of the other socialist revolutions. It will be one that is done for the good of the workers and of course those who cannot be bothered to work whether they like it or not. Suffice to say that your middle class leaders don't like you very much and consider your opinions and outlook decidedly de trop. Just vote for them and then do as you are told.

This is why socialism always degenerates into authoritarianism. The left knows best and will not be gainsaid, especially by the uneducated masses it was created to deliver to a socialist paradise. They should just be grateful to their betters and then get on their bikes because one of the first moves would be to ban cars, nationalise all public transport and then watch as the country degenerates into a brown lumpen mass of state decide mediocrity. Even the bikes won't be worth nicking.

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