Friday, 10 February 2017

Trump Shows Growth

Donald Trump has been receiving criticism for his tweet about the decision of American store group Nordstrom to remove his daughter Ivanka's franchises from its stores. This, said the president, who clearly has too little time on his tiny hands, is unfair. Terrible! he opined with one of his requisite exclamation marks.

Critics have suggested that the whinger in chief might, as I mention above, have better things to do with his time. They also say that it is inappropriate for him to be using his office to try and promote his family's businesses. They might have a point there you might think.

But what they do neglect to mention is that this latest spat shows some growth by the liar in chief. He did not on this occasion fire back at Nordstrom and accuse them of purveying fake news. Nordstrom had said that their decision was a commercial one based on the fact that Ivanka's merchandise simply isn't selling very well, possibly on account of it being linked with the racist in chief. But at no point did Trump contest their figures. This is quite a moment. At no point did he say that actually Ivanka's products were selling in record numbers and that there were queues right around the block. At no point did he demand that a government department produce pictures to prove that this was the case or claim that her sales can be seen from space as evidenced by pictures from NASA.

I think we can all agree that, as the president enters the fourth week of his presidency this is a pivotal moment. He has only picked fights this week with federal judges, a war hero senator and Australia not to mention accused his own country of being as bad as the kleptocratic, mafia regime of his friend Vlad the Botoxed. But at least in this one area he did back off from a fight. Of course if it had been about him and not his daughter then by now Nordstrom would have been sent back to Sweden where they belong.

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