Friday, 10 March 2017

Barcelona v PSG

It's been a funny week news-wise hasn't it. More Trump. It's hard to remember there was a time before we woke up every morning and read news that did not concern Trump. There has been more Brexit, including the preening, grandstanding, unelected House of Lords seeking to stymie, stall or even derail our doing what parliament has been instructed by the British people to do and leave the EU. There has been a Budget that was supposed to be dull and uninteresting and yet has been anything but and may well lead to the first major U turn under Theresa May. Perhaps she will get around to that when she gets back from her last EU summit before she invokes Article 50, although all she has to do is pick up the phone as First Lord the Treasury and tell her Chancellor to think again. Why might she want to do that? Well that would leave open the possibility of calling an early general election, something that more and more people are recommending she does, including this blog.

Also this week there was news that BT has once again won the auction to continue to show coverage of the Champions League on British TV. Many thought that they had once again overpaid for this often stultifying competition. But then Barcelona played PSG on Wednesday night, in a game they had to win and by a margin that had never been accomplished before in Champions League history. They had been thrashed at the Stade de France. They would have to do the same in reverse plus a goal at the Noucamps.

Cue one of the most stunning, startling and all round thrilling games football has ever seem, let alone in the Champions League, culminating with a winning goal after 5 minutes of injury time with what was effectively the last kick of the game. It was the sort of game that would have been dismissed as far-fetched had it been included in a film script. Instead it happened in one of football's peerless venues in the competition they all want to be a part of. Did BT overpay? Well, maybe. But its a lot harder to argue that this week at least.

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