Thursday, 2 March 2017

Emma Watson: Proper Feminist

Emma Watson has been criticised in some quarters for releasing the picture above. How does this equate with her feminism? some are asking. Doesn't that make her a hypocrite?

Well, no it doesn't. Feminism does not mean that you have to be a joyless, dungaree wearing harridan. Feminism does not mean that you have to be like, Charlotte Proudman, that femiNazi barrister who berated a man a couple of years ago for daring to compliment her on her nice picture. That sort of stridency is what gives feminism a bad name.

Feminism is about equal rights, for equal opportunities. It does not deny that women can trade on their looks and sexuality, it just seeks to say that they don't have to be judged on them, that they are about more. This blog has argued as much for years. I even published a Page 3 for a time because it angered me that the harridans looked down upon it and saw it as exploitative. It isn't exploitative. Women have the choice of how they dress, how they present themselves.

And here's the thing: Emma Watson is about to star in a film called Beauty and the Beast. She's the beautiful one by the way. Is it exploitative to suggest she is beautiful? Is it exploitative to suggest that she has blossomed from being a stunningly pretty girl famous for playing a clever nerd, to an accomplished, educated and intelligent woman who also happens to be beautiful?

And this photo now adds another string to her bow. She's always been pretty, but now she is sexy too, although there are plenty of photos from the recent past (see below) that would suggest that this is not a recent revelation. But anyway, what's wrong with that? Feminism is as confused about itself and what it stands for as the Labour Party is.

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