Tuesday, 7 March 2017

That Men Cannot Become Real Women is a Statement of the Bleeding Obvious

With wearisome predictability, an article by Jenni Murray of the BBC's Woman's Hour has been greeted by howls of confected outrage and calls for her to be sacked. The BBC, as is its wont, kowtowed to these fascists and instructed Murray that she had to be impartial.

What was the subject matter? Whether men who 'transition' to being 'women' can ever really become real women.

Now Ms Murray knew when she wrote the article for the Sunday Times that it would likely prove controversial. Yet if anything she was being altogether too reasonable and fair minded. She explained that has nothing against men who make this choice and is in no sense transphobic, whatever that means. She was just arguing the pretty obvious point that a man cannot become a woman simply by having hormone treatment and gender reassignment surgery. Because, she argued, women become women by virtue of the various challenges of their sex, both natural and social. She distances herself from more trenchantly expressed opinions by Germaine Greer and Julie Burchill who dismiss the claims of the tiny minority of men who imagine that they are women trapped in mens bodies and that all they have to do is take some hormones and undergo a rather nasty operation and they will magically confound nature and nurture and become women.

Needless to say, though I certainly am in no position to judge what it is like being a woman, I side with the views of Greer and Burchill. This is not to say that there is anything wrong with a man deciding he is really a woman if that is what he wants. I am happy to go along with his delusion if that makes him happy. I will start calling him Clarice or Chelsea if that is what he wants. I'll even call him she.

The problem is that suddenly and out of the blue over the last half dozen years, the left has alighted on a new cause to champion and is doing so with all of its usual intemperate, angry, intolerant, judgemental fury. Once again to be a sceptic about how sensible any of this is is to be greeted with howls of outrage. It's only a matter of time before we are labelled transgender deniers as well as transphobes.

Yet where is the evidence that this is a proper condition? Where is the evidence that little boys are not merely a little effeminate or that little girls are not just what used to be called tomboys? At what point did someone decide that this is a condition that needs treating with hormones and surgery rather than with counselling and a shrug of 'well what are you going to do?'

Because the fact is that men cannot become women and women cannot become men. This is not society that says this, it is nature and biology. We can have as many earnest debates about the rights of people to call themselves what they like, to designate what gender they are and use whatever pronoun they choose. But that is the bottom line. Medical science can do marvellous things but it cannot change our chromosomes.

There is substantial cause for concern that this is a very first world problem and that all of the hue and cry about it is merely planting the idea in people's heads in much the same way that it has been observed that suggesting that children may have suffered abuse makes them create false memories. There is also a fetishisation effect of men wanting to become women just because of some latent feeling more akin to simple homosexuality or bisexuality but which they seek to label something else as it gets them more attention. Ultimately they are just men who want to be fucked by other men. Its really nothing more complex than that.

When Bruce Janner became Caitlyn he was roundly applauded for being so brave. He wasn't being brave. It was narcissism of the highest order with a healthy dose of midlife crisis. Janner is reported to have regretted his decision ever since but of course cannot now recant. They would probably castrate him again if he tried. How dare you subvert the narrative.

Transgenderism is a made up condition. It does not exist. It is a figment of the imagination, a psychiatric condition that has been medicalised like so many others. But even if it does exist there is no way around biology at least for now. It is actively cruel to tell people that they can have a different life given to them by expensive and painful surgery and hormone treatment. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that those who undergo the transition frequently regret it and realise that they are no happier. Many doctors are now refusing to perform the surgery or recommend it. It certainly shouldn't be available on the NHS. Because ultimately how many of us are happy with the bodies we have, how many of us would not like to change the way we look, the way others look at us? That is called the human condition. It may not be the case that most of us would consider something so radical, but many of us would like to change aspects about ourselves.

This whole issue is one that needs to be closed down by a simple resort to cold hard logic. Humanity is divided into two sexes. Forget about gender, that is just an invention of social scientists and halfwits who like protesting about things. We are two sexes because that is how we propagate. In a modern and tolerant society we accept people's life choices, we accept how they want to dress, live their lives, what they are called by the rest of us. But men cannot become women and women cannot become men. That's not something imposed on us by society. It is biology.

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