Tuesday, 18 April 2017

General Election!

This blog has been calling for a general election since last October. Today the Prime Minister has called one. Or at least called for one. Strictly speaking these days, thanks to the Fixed Term Parliament Act she has to do so with the permission of Parliament. That should be a formality.

The Tories currently have a commanding lead in the polls. Brexit is going to cause problems, irritations and many many fights in the coming months and years. The PM needs a mandate of her own and a better majority to do it without interference from the likes of the Lib Dems and the Lords.

She also of course faces a Labour Party in disarray and a liability for a leader. By calling this election she will despatch Chauncey back to the back benches where he belongs. I'd rather like to stand against him in Islington.

The PM could and should achieve a big working majority with an election. It is the right choice for her party and for the country. With an election held now that means she can carry on with Brexit and she won't have to worry about an election in 2020.

In her remarkably forthright statement outside Downing Street, she said that she needs her majority to force through Brexit against the game playing of the likes of the Lib Dems and SNP and also of the two-faced Labour Party. She is entirely right. It places Ukip in a difficult position though. Presumably they agree with her. So will they stand and split the right wing vote?

It's another hugely impressive move by the PM, something that will happen quickly and while the EU is still messing about with its own elections and stalling tactics. She is proving that, though she is cautious and takes her time, she is decisive. She has learnt the lessons of Gordon Brown and his election that never was. She has the support of the country and even of a majority of Labour supporters when ranged against Chauncey.

This is the Brexit election. Let's fight for it on the streets again just as we did last June. Congratulations Prime Minister. This blog gives you a standing ovation.

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