Monday, 3 April 2017

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Korea?

Okay, even I didn't expect it to happen this quickly but my prediction of less than two weeks ago is already starting to look bang on the money. Trump is flailing around. His dealmaking failed. His hostile takeover of the Republican Party means that he is finding he has no real allies in what is ostensibly his own party. His executive orders keep being thrown out by the courts. His own words are being used against him in a way that the champion bullshitter is finding it difficult to counter. Hell even his tweets aren't working the way that they used to.

So what is he going to do? Well, as I suggested a couple of weeks ago, he could always start a war. That is what his hero Vlad would do. It's what his hero Vlad has done and is doing.

Fortunately America has a ready made enemy in North Korea. Even more fortunately North Korea is a problem that is getting ever more urgent by the day. Before long it will be too late. But enough of the midterms. Before long North Korea will have nuclear weapons too and then it will be too late to do anything about that either.

There is no obvious or at least palatable solution to North Korea and its nukes. Everything else has failed. This is why presidents have been putting it off for years. Now it might take someone really desperate and desperately in need of a win and a major deflection to do it. If the pressure starts getting really bad on Russia links then get ready to wake up to news of war.

The problem is of course that attacking North Korea could lead to any number of bad outcomes up to and including all out nuclear war. America is said to have looked at a number of operations to try and hit North Korea and take out its missiles and atomic weapons. But how will China react? What happens if the operation fails or goes wrong? What happens to Seoul?

Maybe someone ought to let Trump win at something to save us all. Yes, Donald, your inauguration crowd really was the biggest ever.

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