Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Who for Who?

There are persistent rumours that Kris Marshall, the actor who specialises in being gormless, is to be the new Doctor Who. For god's sake.

Just look back at his career. He rose to prominence, if that is the right word, in the execrable sitcom My Family, as the relentlessly annoying son, Nick. This led to a film role as by far the most irritating character in the often annoying Richard Curtis film, Love Actually. Marshall's cloying performance is one of those parts best avoided by fast forwarding or simply going out and making tea. Of course you could avoid the film altogether since it is Curtis at his most earnest and right-on, but how he thought any of the sequences with Marshall in them were funny rather than toe curling is a mystery.

He then became famous for appearing in an advert, one of those long series of adverts for BT in which he was in a will-they-won't-they? type arrangement with a woman who seemed to be too old for him. She probably wasn't, you understand. It is just that Marshall has a talent for appearing younger than he is. Cast him as the Doctor and he would probably make a character who is 1000+ seem quite immature and in need of a slap.

He has most recently been in Death in Paradise, a series that was always far-fetched and seemed to exist mostly as a means of sending well known actors for a couple of weeks in the Caribbean. It consequently got an all-star cast. I always assumed they got these parts as part of a package deal with the BBC for other more rewarding parts that aren't very well paid. Marshall made an already irritating series unwatchable.

In short then he is a not very good actor who is relentlessly annoying and always seems to play the same role. Quite what he would bring to the role of The Doctor is a mystery, although it's likely he would single-handedly bring the series to an end once again, but ripe for revival in 10 years time.

There are many excellent actors out there who would be better. Indeed most of them. Hell, I would be better and I don't even have an Equity card. What is wrong with the suggestion of Phoebe Waller-Bridge from last year's brilliant Fleabag? She would be sublime. Or here's a suggestion: what about Toby Stephens? He has the looks, the comic timing and can actually act.

Of course the rumours about Marshall may well be wrong. Let us hope so. The current series started very promisingly and may well see the era of Steven Moffatt and Peter Capaldi end on a high. I have my fears about new show runner Chris Chibnall who takes over soon but am prepared to be open-minded. Unless of course he casts Kris Marshall in anything other than a role that gets exterminated immediately.

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