Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Boys Will Be Boys and Feminists Will Be Gratuitously Offended

What kind of person goes into a supermarket, sees a T shirt with a slogan written on it and is so enraged about this that they feel the need to rant about it on Facebook? I am aware by the way of the irony of my being so enraged about their stupidity that I am blogging about it. Oh well.

Anyway, what did the offending shirt say? Readers of a delicate sensibility or a simple lack of brain cells should look away now.

The shirt said (brace yourselves) Boys Will Be Boys.

This had the offendee so enraged that she immediately had to opine on the subject. Because, apparently, this phrase excuses rape. Yes, rape. Debbie Dee, the cretin in question, was gobsmacked that the thought and language police had let this through. She was raging she said.

Now you see when I see the phrase Boys Will Be Boys it conjures up the image of little boys playing in mud, grazing their knees, ripping their clothes, being boys. That is what boys generally do. They like to play. They like to get dirty. That is what the phrase means. Yet Debbie Dee claims that it has historically been used to excuse rape. Historically? By whom?

If you consider that this is a way to excuse rape then that, I would gently suggest, says more about you than about anyone using an entirely innocent phrase. A phrase that excuses rape would generally, I would again gently suggest, use the word rape within it. A phrase that does not contain that word but simply mentions boys is suggesting nothing to do with rape, just boys. The clue is that in a 4 word phrase it mentions them twice. It is misandry of the 'all men are rapists' school of thought to suggest otherwise. Perhaps someone should put that on a shirt and sell it in Asda. See if that leaves anyone shaking with rage.

It may well be true that there have been occasions when the phrase has been used to excuse rape. That does not mean that it is generally used this way or that Ms Dee (she is undoubtedly a Ms) has any right to be offended by its use on a sodding shirt.

Incidentally the shirt, which is also sold in shops like Marks and Spencer has sold out. Which is hilarious. It is also intended for 1 to 7 year olds. You know, boys. Who will be boys. Unless of course they decide to transition for fear of becoming rapists. But that's a whole different story.

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