Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Chauncey's Labour: The Zealots of Politics Endangering Us All

As a general rule I find all of the political rhetoric after a terrorism incident to be nauseating. Islam is not a religion of peace. No religion, certainly no Abrahamic religion, is peaceful. They have all attempted to portray themselves as peaceful by a judicious cherry picking of the brainless prose contained in their various holy books. But none of them are peaceful.

People choose to be peaceful. They usually do so despite and not because of their religion of choice. Those who choose not to be peaceful can justifiably point to plenty of verses in their holy books exhorting them to be as vicious and callous as they want, although how they rationalise why their all powerful god needs them to kill on his behalf is a mystery. And killing teenage girls? Well if you believe in that kind of god then you are precisely the kind of credulous moron that the jihadists are looking for. Step up you craven, cowardly half wit and strap these home made explosives to your back.

The speech of Theresa May yesterday was one of the better of their species in that it sounded genuinely angry and she denounced with feeling the evil perpetrators of this vile and depraved act on people who for the most part weren't old enough to vote, let alone take any active part in the wars or foreign policy the cretins claim as their justification.  But she still felt it necessary to mouth the usual platitudes. I wholeheartedly accept that most Muslims will have been as appalled by the savagery that happened in Manchester on Monday night. But what does it say that, before events emerged, we all knew what had happened? What does it say that it is always a believer in their particular version of their imaginary friend who has perpetrated such vicious, cynical and pointless slaughter against which no civilised or open society can realistically expect to defend itself with 100% success? Britain is a country that has representatives of all of the major and minor religions. Why is it only one that cuts itself off from the rest of us? Why is it only one that expects special treatment for itself? Why is it only one that arrogantly claims the right to treat women differently or to have its own laws separate from the rest of us? Why is it only one that so successfully plays the race card despite the fact that it is a religion and not a race? Why is it only one whose adherents think that they are so much better than the rest of us to the point that many of them, especially men, consider the rest of us as sub-human and our women as slappers for the sin of wanting equality and the right to have enjoyable sex lives?

The politicians never say any of this of course. Part of the reason is that the left in this country imposed on us the multiculturalism that has been such a disaster. Part of the reason is that they have engaged in a cultural cringe meaning that we indulge behaviour in minority groups that would be considered worthy of criminal sanctions in anyone else.

Some on the left, the same sort of people who still insist that Stalin was much misunderstood, persist in indulging the fascists of Islam in the same way they used to indulge the IRA. Yes, we are speaking of Chauncey and his fellow travellers who always assume that others behave badly because of something we did to them. They have called the terrorists of Hamas their friends in much the same way that they used to indulge the murderers of the IRA.

Chauncey, when asked, has said he would not have ordered the killing of Jihadi John in a drone attack. He regretted the killing of Osama Bin Laden. So the platitudes he mouthed yesterday as a madman slaughtered teenage and even pre-teen innocents are especially nauseating and hard to bear.

In just 2 weeks time the country goes to the polls to choose our government and prime minister. Labour and Chauncey are intent upon lying to the British people all the way to that poll on their nationalisations, their tax raising plans, their tuition fee bribes dressed up as policy, their pensions policy, their energy policy, their Trident policy and their bovine approach to Brexit that amounts to the same kind of surrender they once advocated we offer to the IRA. But imagine what they would do if confronted by the terrible decisions that now face this country. Imagine what they would do if asked to put troops on the streets in order to keep us safe. Imagine what they would do if offered the chance to kill a British jihadist. Imagine what they would do if a plane had been hijacked and was flying towards a British city intent on carnage.

Thanks to the Lib Dems the Cameron government had to water down control orders to the point that they are now meaningless. That was a policy cheered by Chauncey's pick for Attorney General, Shami Chakrabarti. It is why we have so many on our streets that the security services simply cannot watch or monitor. Government is about making hard choices as well as compromise and of sometimes abandoning positions of high principle for pragmatism and realpolitik. Chauncey has spent his entire political life agitating against anyone who does this. As a backbench nonentity he was a risk to nobody's security. As the country faces the possibility that there are more self righteous maniacs out there intent on murder we should be thankful that it is Mrs May in Downing Street and not Chauncey. In some ways he is every bit the zealot convinced of his own rectitude as the brainless 22 year old who blew himself and children up on Monday. The difference is that Chauncey may soon be in charge of our armed forces, the police, the security services and the nuclear codes he will refuse to use. And he'll imagine that he is morally superior too. Take a look at the picture of beautiful, smiling little Saffie-Rose Roussos above and ask yourself if the country can afford such morality in Downing Street 2 weeks from now.

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