Thursday, 4 May 2017

Farron and the Smug Remainers Get Their Comeuppance

Many of us will have given three cheers to Malcolm Baker in Kidlington yesterday who confronted one of the smug remainers in the person of one of their most ardent and incorrigible purveyors of post truth, Tim Farron. Mr Farron is not having an easy time of it at the moment, what with having to defend his anti-PC and not terribly liberal viewpoint on gay sex last week. Now he was being attacked for what seems to be the entire raison d'ĂȘtre of being a Lib Dem these days, their utter immersion in the notion that the EU is the answer to all of our woes and that our voting to leave is a right wing conspiracy of self harm, racism and bigotry.

It simply never occurs to the likes of Farron that some of us might have carefully considered our position on the EU, seen its arrogance, its corruption, its unaccountability, its refusal to accept inconvenient election results, its bullying, its profligacy, its disdain for anyone who criticises it or disagrees with it and decided we want no further part of it. It never occurs to them that ours is a perfectly reasonable and reasoned argument.

And what has their reaction been to the behaviour of the Eurocrats this last week as they have leaked and lied and attempted to influence the British election with their underhand, sly and mendacious briefings worthy of Russia? The remainers have seen this, not as an affront to a proud and democratic nation, but as vindication of their own position. Oh look, they effectively say, look how beastly they are going to be. Hadn't we better go cap in hand to them and beg to stay?

No, say the Malcolm Bakers of this world. We bloody wouldn't.

This past week has just confirmed how right we were to vote to leave before we are sucked ever deeper into the quicksand of ever closer union. Why would we want to be allied to people who claim to be working in ever closer union but who cannot accept democracy, cannot offer a more constructive way out for those who simply disagree with them? Britain has simply decided we want to go a different way to the EU way. Many probably agree with us. That is what they are worried about. Yet instead of simply changing, reforming or even persuading, their response is to try and bully and harry and insinuate. How very European.

Let's be clear, the EU doesn't have a legal leg to stand on with its demand for billions in reparations for our decision last June. Yet they tell us that the money is non-negotiable. Well they will, I trust, have been informed in no uncertain terms that is very much negotiable and that our current offer is nil, nada, zilch. Their behaviour this last few days is impolitic for an organisation that is clearly looking at having to make some economies these next few years. They might even have to stop their Commission president from drinking from their well stocked cellars before lunchtime.

It never occurs to them that they might have to alter the obligations now that one of their net contributors is leaving. When the facts change then the EU must change. We are leaving. That is a change they are going to have to get used to. Britain will, as ever, be fair and reasonable and will pay for any legal commitments. But write them out a vast cheque because they are attempting to extort it from us? Not a chance.

As for Tim Farron and his party, they had better get used to meeting angry Brexiters. We are tired of being painted as nasty reactionary racists. We voted the way we did advisedly. We were entirely cognisant of what we were doing and of the consequences. We judged it was a move that would be better in the long term for a country we are not ashamed to feel proud of. The same people who once told us it would be a disaster if we didn't join the euro are now shaking their heads at us and foretelling disaster. That is an honest difference of opinion. But when they are actively hoping for disaster? Well who exactly are the nasty reactionary bigots now?

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