Tuesday, 23 May 2017

This Election is About Principles and Ideals

It is true that the last few days have not gone well for the PM and for her strong and stable image. In truth she has looked anything but. Much as we have admired her ability to keep things close to her chest and to be enigmatic, it might have been an idea to run her manifesto ideas past colleagues and the party before revealing them to the world.

Let's be clear: this blog supported what she was trying to do with social care and contributions from those who can afford to make them. She was right and she should have the fortitude to explain herself and to show how fair the policy is. It may not be especially smart politics in the face of a Labour Party that is spraying imaginary money far and wide, but it remains the best approach to an oncoming disaster. The country simply cannot continue to pay for social care for an ageing population whilst telling people that they may pass on their wealth unencumbered. Houses are just a form of saving. What are savings and pensions for if not to pay for our old age? Sure there are always anomalies with any policy. So what? Who ever said that life is fair?

But the PM has blinked and is going to finesse the policy. Fair enough. That's democracy in action. It was a nice try.

Ultimately I suspect that, though the polls have narrowed, nothing really has changed. Instead of panicking and performing a U turn they should have held their nerve and maybe simply acknowledged that the policy would need finessing. Because the country is not going to elect Chauncey as its next prime minister. It simply is not going to happen. 

Over the last couple of weeks of this election this central point has to be rammed home time and time again. Yes Mrs May has made mistakes, who doesn't, but at root she remains the strong and determined leader the country has admired. Admitting when you have made a mistake is part of being a good leader. Listening and changing tack are part of leading. She honestly believed that the policy was a good and pragmatic one. But she has listened and learnt. Isn't that we want in a leader? 

Chauncey on the other hand has spent his entire career never changing, never admitting that he is wrong even when the evidence for this is overwhelming. Look at Labour's appalling mess over Trident. Shadow cabinet members are tying themselves up in knots on this with Emily Thornberry offering a sub sixth form argument for why we should look again at Trident only to be immediately contradicted by the shadow defence secretary. Meantime Chauncey is quite clearly lying to the country on this issue since he does not believe in nuclear weapons and never has. He is saying one thing to the country but would render our expensive deterrent obsolete the moment he entered government. 

The same goes for his bovine insistence that he was right to back the IRA. He still refuses to condemn them and arrogantly claims that he was on the side of peace. he was not on the side of peace. He voted against the Good Friday Agreement that led to peace and always backed a no surrender approach. Chauncey would like to see a united Ireland regardless of the views of a majority of those in Northern Ireland. Chauncey is no democrat and is only a man of peace when it suits his agenda. He is a traitor to this country and a coward to boot. He lacks the intellectual capacity to see other arguments. 

Politics is about compromise. Chauncey has always refused to compromise on anything. Even now, as he aspires to government, he is not compromising he is lying to the British people in an attempt to win power that he would then abuse. The Government has had a bad few days and must learn the lessons of that and maybe even hold up their hands and admit their mistake. They can do so confident in the fact that Chauncey and co would never do any such thing. Indeed they see compromise as weakness. They refuse to compromise on their precious principles. That Labour ever allowed such men and women into positions of power is a devastating indictment of a once proud party reduced to its present sorry state and intent on doing the same to a country they hate and despise.   

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