Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Labour Deserve to Lose This Election

It's being reported that Labour are finding a message at last that is resonating with at least some of their voters. It amounts to an acknowledgement that Labour are going to lose, the Tories are going to win but that Labour voters should stick with their party rather than hand the Tories too big a win.

The problems with this are manifold. First the election was called precisely because the Prime Minister needs the country's backing to do a deal with the EU and to prevent them trying a divide and rule strategy. By voting Conservative the country would get a Government intent upon respecting the wishes of a democratic majority at last year's referendum, many of them Labour voters who are routinely ignored, patronised and taken for granted by their own MPs. Voting for others would just make life more difficult and make it easier to try and dilute Brexit or perhaps even try to call a further referendum. Only a big Tory majority sends a message to Europe and forces them to deal with reality.

But perhaps more important even than this is that Labour are in the position they are in precisely because they were complacent and incompetent enough to allow themselves to be taken over by extremists who hate this country, who appease the enemies of this country and terrorists, who have working for them those who are violent anarchists and petty revolutionaries who have never grown up. Given the opportunity the people now running Labour would disarm the police, abandon our nuclear weapons, abolish the security services that keep us all safe and indeed did so just last week.

Labour would wreck the economy, hand powers back to unions who would quickly hold us all to ransom much as they do with our railways and would quickly turn us into Venezuela, a country whose leadership they have long admired even though it cannot feed its own people.

A vote for Labour is a vote for Chauncey and his gang of fantasists who refuse to learn the lessons of history and what socialism always does. It's not just Venezuela, the most extreme form of socialism gone mad. Many of the policies that Labour want to enact were tried only recently in France leading to an exodus of higher taxpayers and an economy further hammered under a socialist president who became so unpopular he didn't stand for re-election this year.

And Labour didn't just do this to themselves they placed the whole country at peril by handing the opposition to these traitors and lunatics. A vote for Labour on June 8th isn't a vote to stop the Tories from having too big a majority, it is a vote for Chauncey and his politics of the Chavez tendency. Unless he and they get the trouncing they so fully deserve they will hang on to try their luck next time.

Labour have never left power with unemployment lower than when they entered power. Never. Imagine how they would fare if Chauncey were to gain power. Yes it is unlikely this time around, but a vote for them empowers them even if it doesn't hand them power. Labour deserve to be annihilated because it is the only way they can be brought to their senses. The entryists handed Chauncey and co the leadership. It falls to the British electorate to tell them to grow up and act like a proper party and a party of government again.

We face a stark choice at this election. It is a choice between a grown up Conservative Party that is still trying to balance the books and is being remarkably open about the need for further spending restraint and possible tax rises. Contrast that with a Labour Party that would go on a spending binge, abolish the union reforms that transformed the British economy from the sick man of Europe into an economy fit and ready to leave Europe behind. Labour's economic plan amounts to raising corporation tax and then spending the money they claim this would raise 8 different ways. And it wouldn't raise what they say it would raise anyway because putting taxes up tends to dissuade companies from investing and basing themselves here. All they would succeed in doing is causing unemployment to rise, the tax base to diminish, the pound would bomb as would the stock market and they would quickly find they could find no buyers for their debt. In short they would crash the British economy.

Labour is a party that doesn't deserve votes just based on fealty. It has shown none at all to this country and to its people. Does this mean that some good MPs will lose their seats? Yes it does. But since they couldn't get rid of their leader themselves it falls to the British people to do it for them. If it takes a landslide to bring them to their senses then so be it.


The above was written before Diane Abbott once again proved that she is a halfwit and made a fool of herself trying to explain Labour's latest back of an envelope spending binge promise. These people actually aspire to be in government? Their policy, such as it is, is to spray out spending commitments without bothering with any detail whatsoever. Diane Abbott, who is probably the stupidest person in politics, albeit in a crowded field, uses her slow pompous teacher talking to a dim pupil voice and yet betrays the fact that she is clueless and fantastically out if her depth. Yet she is presented as the next Home Secretary of this country? Labour, I repeat, deserve to be trounced. Any other result for this bunch of Trotsykite, juvenile, ignoramuses would be a travesty.

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