Thursday, 11 May 2017

Labour's Suicide Note for the 21st Century

The Labour manifesto has been leaked and it contains as much or as little as we were expecting. Indeed it is such a dogmatic and underwhelming document full of age old prejudices and hostages to fortune that Chauncey and chums have been spouting for their entire careers it is only a mystery that it has taken them this long to come up with it.

So we have the usual lefty shibboleths of nationalisation, tax rises, spending, welfare, abolition of various items many of which were introduced by the last Labour government during a rare moment of a clear-sightedness for which they have still to be forgiven. Abolition of tuition fees? How? How are all the nationalisations to be afforded? And abandonment of driver operated trains? That is such a brainless sop to the unions and to what end? Why not bring back firemen on trains while they are at it? Driver operated trains are a way of ensuring our railways are fit for the 21st century and as a means of ensuring they are efficient and that the fares of passengers go on modern and safe trains rather than on the salaries of staff who are unnecessary.

Labour claim that their policies are fully costed which is about as likely to be true as their policy on Brexit is fully thought through. This is a shopping list of spending, infrastructure and naked bribes and all supposedly funded by taxing only those on £80k and an increase in corporation tax. You might imagine that corporation tax is something that would have no impact on ordinary people according to this juvenile fantasy, but for the inconvenient fact that companies employ the vast majority of us all across the land and that raising taxes would mean higher unemployment and less investment. A country already suffering from low productivity would have it entrenched still further as a matter of deliberate Labour Party policy. Furthermore Labour would make higher unemployment much more likely by abolishing the very flexibility to employment that has brought us to present levels of record employment and they would bring in an incomes policy last seen in the 1970s that led again to unemployment and record inflation levels coupled to crippling strikes, something made all the more inevitable because Labour are intent on abolishing the Thatcher reforms to trade union legislation.

The inconsistencies and logical fallacies behind these positions are there for all to see. Labour claim that they will not subscribe to leaving the EU without a deal. Thus they immediately make their chances of doing a deal more difficult because the EU would simply do to an incoming Labour government what they did to David Cameron.

In addition to their nonsensical and fantastical policy to abolish tuition fees and bring back the maintenance grants abolished in the 90s because they were unaffordable, Labour are promising a National Education Service whatever that means. There was us thinking we already have this in the form of state schools and free education for children up to the age of 18 if they wish to avail themselves of this. But they also with to advance the facile notion of free school meals regardless of need for all primary school children paid for by levying VAT on school fees. This would inevitably mean that many more children would have to go to state schools because their parents would no longer be able to afford their school fees - a friend of mine from university whose parents were first generation immigrants and ran a corner shop went to a private school. Yet Labour plan to cut class sizes below 30.

Chauncey still pays lip service to Trident, if only to keep the unions happy, but of course wants to bring in an era of peace and kumbaya for all. Britain will begin this process thanks to the renowned ability of Chauncey to talk peace unto the nations of the world, presumably on a similar basis that he once wanted us to talk peace with the IRA and other assorted terrorists around the world - by waving a white flag and telling everyone he would never ever fire on them. That should do it.

And Chauncey still persists in raking over the ancient history of the so called Battle of Orgreave in which gangs of miners laid siege on miners who had the temerity to want to go to work and were prevented from winning by the police. Quite what raking over this episode would achieve is a mystery. It happened 30 years ago and we no longer have a mining industry. Yet so awash in cash would a Labour government be that they could waste it on a pointless inquiry to rewrite history.

Inevitably there would be big increases in benefits and Labour sees no reason to do anything about immigration - if they imagine these will be popular policies with traditional Labour voters they are kidding themselves. But then such voters will have their prejudices addressed because Labour would clamp down on the media, in particular newspapers who bait Chauncey, by continuing the Leveson inquiry, because that's just what an angry country has been demanding since the last one ended.

There would be more rights for gipsies to lead a nomadic life, because all around the country we all see on a daily basis gipsies forced to keep constantly moving by those of us selfish enough to want to put down roots and pay our taxes.

So the list goes on and on. Here's a real humdinger from the control freaks. There would be a Tobacco Control Plan. This would aim to cut tobacco use in LGBT people and various ethnic minority groups. Who knew that smoking discriminated in this way. Now I come to think about it I have noticed a smog lying over certain areas of a major conurbations but hadn't fully appreciated this for what it is before. There is a clear cloud lying over Soho in central London. Now we know why.

In short then this is a manifesto that is every bit as fanciful, economically illiterate, juvenile, spiteful and plain deluded as we saw in that famous longest suicide note Gerald Kaufman described back in 1983. It's not so much a programme for government as a kind of collection of angry Guardian columns but with an even smaller target audience. Seriously, who do they imagine any of this gibberish appeals to, other than gipsies and transgender smokers?

Yet behind the nonsensical and the risible is the economic lunacy. It would create a run on the pound, inflation, unemployment and would decimate the housing market not to mention pensions and savings. It is every bit as as mad, bad and dangerous as we might have expected. Even so it is still astonishing that socialists refuse to learn from experience and seem so determined to repeat historic mistakes based on their politics of envy and petty minded class hatred.

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