Friday, 12 May 2017

Revolution Postponed

The 1970s. Britain's golden era I'm sure you would agree. A time of beige and G plan, of velour roofs on cars and of brown upholstery, a time when Liebfraumilch seemed like the height of sophistication and when everyone dressed like Chauncey and when trade unionism was all the rage if only because you didn't really get much say in the matter. 

Chauncey, being a man of a certain age, remembers those days all too clearly. Back in those days the trains used to be nationally run and were a national disgrace. In those days, long after the demise of steam, trains still had firemen in the cab because the unions still insisted on them. It is in this spirit presumably that Labour are promising to ensure that driver only trains will not be allowed. Why? Because clearly the railways are run not for the benefit of passengers but for the staff who run them. Much like the London Underground. 

Its in the same spirit that Labour mean to have all of their various nationalisations and other 70s throwbacks, perhaps as a kind of tribute to what is currently going on in Venezuela. Oh you haven't heard? The country sitting on the largest oil reserves in the world is in the process of turning into a fully fledged dictatorship on account of their people's revolution turning sour and the people going hungry. Why? Thanks to the very kind of incomes policies, wages policies, price controls and unbridled socialism being proposed in the UK by Labour. Chauncey used to lionise the revolution of Chavez. They don't talk about it anymore of course. But that still won't make them think again about what they propose. 

There are many competing theories as to why the manifesto leaked out a full week before it was supposed to be released. One thing we can say with certainty is that Chauncey himself did not leak it. His allies may have done so. His enemies may have done so. But the man himself decided he didn't want to answer any questions about it. This is probably not because he is having second thoughts. Maybe he was too busy consulting and running over self employed cameramen. Serves them right for not being in a union. 

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