Friday, 5 May 2017

So, Phillip, What Was It About the Multimillionaire Head of State That First Drew You To Her?

Just while I am awaiting the local election results I must just address some of the wittering cretins who have been singing the praises of the Duke of Edinburgh. What the hell are you all talking about?

For some reason this national embarrassment has in the last few years gone from being a relic of the times when it was okay for people to go on lion shoots and to patronise people he would no doubt have called 'darkies,' to a national treasure. Even in an antediluvian throwback like the monarchy he looks out of place. In any other walk of life he would have been forced to head into obscurity and retirement years ago. Just some of the racism he utters would have had him drummed out of public life. Let us remember he is effectively a diplomat for this country. He makes Boris Johnson look like Sir Edward Grey or Lord Palmerston.

The tributes paid to him yesterday seem to revolve around the fact that he has been devoted to his wife and been at her side throughout her monarchy. This is true, although he has also enjoyed a thoroughly gilded existence as a consequence, one that he would certainly not have enjoyed had he stayed in the obscure branch of royalty he was born into and which had become something of a dead end. And this is to say nothing of some of his extra marital liaisons that never seem to get talked about, but which apparently will be alluded to in the next series of Netflix's superb The Crown.

I suspect that his reputation rests not so much on his sense of duty and obligation but on the sense of duty and obligation amongst those around the royals, not to mention the cast iron employment contracts they enforce on their employees thus preventing information getting out. He certainly seems to be in good health and fine fettle for a man of his years, although again his gilded life will have helped with that. But it is hard to see very much he has done that deserves the paeans he received on this announcement. He does a not at all difficult job not very well but has done it for a very long time. That's about the size of it.

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