Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Spare Us the Platitudes About Manchester

Please spare us the usual platitudes over Manchester last night. This was an attack by a zealot loser who hated us and hated life for no reason he could adequately explain. Thankfully he is now dead.

Donald Trump has called the attacker a loser this morning. For once he is right.

But this was an attack on kids. People like me have no idea who Arianna Grande is. It was quite deliberately chosen as an attack on the sort of artist who appeals to young girls in particular, girls who wear tight clothing and would offend the absurd and nasty sensibilities of the bomber who imagined he was a warrior for his idiot god and prophet. It was a cynical and evil act deliberately intended to shock and appal. It is no different to the sad losers who go on shooting sprees in America. It was born of hate, pure hatred. Interestingly the bomber is said to have ID on him or her. Probably him, they usually are. That tells us a lot. He wanted to be known and identified.

And don't tell us that this has nothing to do with religion. It has everything to do with religion and we all know which religion. Only in the name of an imaginary friend does this kind of thing happen. It is an imaginary cause, an imaginary sensibility, a fantasy belief system for people too stupid to think critically. Religion should have no place in a civilised modern society because we all know that religion is a man-made idea designed to make people commit the very kind of atrocity we see today. Modern religion is revisionist nonsense. This is what religion was originally for. It's just that Islam has not fully succeeded as the others have in erasing its original purpose, probably because its the youngest of the major Abrahamic religions.

And of course this is nothing to do with most Muslims. But it is to do with their idiot religion. People choose to be violent. Most renounce it. But often they don't renounce it loudly enough. Now is the time to do so. Maybe even renounce your stupid religion itself.

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