Wednesday, 31 May 2017

This General Election is the Most Important in 100 Years

What the hell is going on with the polls? Some are saying clear Tory leads, but one bombshell poll by YouGov for the Times is predicting a hung parliament. In that scenario, a nightmarish one, Theresa May would have to resign and Chauncey could be made PM by a coalition with the SNP, who would of course demand their pound of flesh.

Brexit would not happen, the pound would collapse, Britain would be on the path to break-up and penury and chaos would reign.

I don't believe this latest poll. It doesn't accord with my own experience and instincts about what will happen. The Tories are going to win and by a handsome margin.

But this will galvanise Tory voters, which is highly desirable. This is the most important General Election in 100 years or more. This is the future of the country at stake in a very real way. Not only would the referendum result be set aside and the EU panjandrums would prevail once again, but Britain as a country would be doomed. The ridiculous, vainglorious so called 'progressive alliance' - a misnomer of epic proportions - would get to go on their massive spending spree, they would raise taxes to punitive levels and they would be taxes on all of us not just the rich. The rich would up sticks and leave and who could blame them? The property market would collapse, we would have a 1970s brain drain once again and within months we would be plunged into a devastating recession/depression.

That is what we are voting against next Thursday. This is existential now.

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