Friday, 9 June 2017

Chaos Reigns

This is an election that was won by pork barrel politics, lofty and fantastical Marxist dreams and lost by a Conservative Party that forgot how to be Conservative. As someone else has written: it's as though the Tories saw the Hillary Clinton campaign and decided to emulate it.

This election was won by a huge turnout amongst younger voters who bought the whole nationalisation, nuclear disarmament, free stuff for everyone paid for by someone else, hope over experience bullshit of the Labour Party. We came this close to electing our own Donald Trump. Next time we may well get him because Labour are back and its not the nice cosy Labour that puts up our taxes by stealth its the Marxist version that wants to wage class warfare.

Except of course Labour didn't win. They lost. So did the Tories. So did the Lib Dems. So did the SNP. Labour, for all of their gains, lost the third election in succession. Nobody won this election.

The problem is that Britain is deeply divided. The Tories won 44% of the popular vote. Under normal circumstances that would have been enough to win a handsome majority. But Labour somehow managed to get 40% too. The country reverted to something close to two party politics. Were it not for the complicating factor of Scotland and the SNP, Chauncey would be Prime Minister this morning.

If only Theresa May had run a half competent campaign, not upset her core constituency, not complacently tried to reach out to Labour voters, she would have got her majority. There was no talk of Brexit. There was no talk of tax cuts. There was no talk of immigration. There was no talk of foreign policy and the travails with various hostile forces. There was no talk of our housing problem. There was no talk of youth feeling left out and ignored. Forget the just about managing, what about the only just started voting?

The Tories need to regroup and rethink and start being proud Tories again. Labour got their gains with a shameless appeal to people with a spending binge. In 2010 the country voted for austerity. Now a large part of the country, probably a majority wants the spending to start again. How does a Conservative address that issue?

Theresa May said she wanted to bring stability. She has brought chaos. The rules are that she remains Prime Minister unless and until she resigns or is defeated in parliament. There is no need for her to go to the palace. She has the right to try and form a government. Labour cannot do so. With the aid of the DUP Mrs May can. But it will be inherently unstable and difficult. The very opposite of what she wanted.

Were it not for the fact that chaos would reign, she ought to resign and let someone else try and form a government. The problem is that it is unclear who that would be. And so Theresa May is probably going to have to stay on unless the Tories can unite behind someone to replace her. It needs to be someone popular and better able to talk to the people. Given that Ruth Davidson is unavailable it ought to be Boris. But then I said that last summer. It looks like I was right.

We are going to have to have another election sometime soon. There is a very real possibility that Labour could win next time unless Tories have a better leader who galvanises the country.

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