Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Enough of Chauncey's Cant and Hypocrisy on Terror

Much as the Labour Party these last few days of the election campaign will go on the attack over the cuts in police numbers they cannot disguise that they have a leader who would undermine the police in innumerable ways, not least his suggestion last year that the shoot to kill policy we saw on Saturday, which saved lives, makes him uncomfortable.

That is the bottom line with Chauncey. He defends terrorists and yet refuses to back our police in their difficult work. He, his shadow chancellor and shadow home secretary, have on many occasions argued and voted against terrorism legislation. Indeed he has even boasted of having voted against every piece of terror legislation put through parliament by both parties. He was not working for peace in Northern Ireland, he took sides against this country with a murderous organisation that only started engaging in peace when it became clear that they were losing their war. Chauncey and his friends were their useful idiot friends in parliament, people we tolerated because of our love of democracy and freedom of speech. Chauncey may speak softly and use weasel words but he has always made excuses for murder, always sided with them against us. He still refuses to condemn the murders of the IRA and still, even now, makes excuses for the people mowing down and stabbing innocent people, many of whom are not even from this country.

There is no excuse for terrorism. Ever. This is particularly the case in a democracy in which protest and taking a different line to the establishment, however perverse, is part of our tradition. Chauncey should really have been thrown out of the Labour Party given how many times he voted against it and took extreme positions. Since he became leader it has become peculiarly intolerant of dissent and yet all too tolerant of anti-Semitism. It is an indication of how he would behave in government. Imagine such a man in charge of our security, given access to state secrets.

It is ridiculous to argue, as Labour somewhat desperately are arguing, that police numbers had any bearing on any of these outrages. A few thousand  extra police on the street could not stop any of these events. Terrorists look for chinks in our armour. Unfortunately our chink is our freedom and refusal to change our lifestyle. But it is also that liberals and terrorism apologists have given them too much tolerance and allowed them to lead separate and discrete lives from the rest of us. That has to stop. The squeals of the likes of Chauncey will tell us everything we need to know about his approach to our safety. People going armed with vans and knives would not be stopped by the few thousand police his innumerate home secretary would appoint. What will stop them is getting tough and demanding adherence to our values. The Prevent strategy can and will work if people stop complaining about it and see it for what it is, an assertion of decency and civic duty. Chauncey would likely see it as an intolerable example of British state repression.

Labour know that they are vulnerable on this issue. Their constant carping and complaining about state intrusion and security is coming home to roost as it was always going to do. There needs to be a root and branch review of our security, our policing, our tactics and our approach to Islamic fundamentalism. There also needs to be a long hard look at what we do about radicals gone to fight abroad and who want to come home. Their treachery should not be tolerated. On Thursday we elect a government with many challenges ahead. Chauncey is not up to any of them and has demonstrated throughout his life that he is incapable of listening, learning and abandoning his ideological hostility to this country. We will win this latest war for the soul of this country because our values make us better people. Part of those values has been putting up with half baked, halfwits like Chauncey and Diane Abbott and nasty pieces of work like John McDonnell. But electing Chauncey as PM might be going too far.

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