Thursday, 8 June 2017

General Election 2017

Okay the exit poll is in. If it's right, and they usually are fairly accurate, then this is a gamble that has not paid off. And it wasn't that Theresa May was wrong to call an election it was that she fought a spectacularly awful campaign. We'll talk about the ramifications of that as and when the results become more certain.

The figures however, even if it is bang on, are not devastating. The Tories are the biggest party. Labour and the SNP and the Lib Dems combined cannot outvote the Tories. And bear in mind that two years ago the exit poll predicted something remarkably similar to this and the Tories actually did better. Polls are not covered in glory at the moment, but for now it looks like YouGov predicting a hung parliament might have been right.

If this poll is right and the Tories don't manage to sneak over the line then this is an election that hasn't resolved much. The ramifications of that are immense in all kinds of ways from who is PM to Brexit, to Scottish independence. It's still early. We won't know now until the sun comes back up again or even later.

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