Monday, 26 June 2017

Glasto Chauncey: How Long Til Millennials See the Light?

I think the most depressing feature of the current hero worship of Chauncey amongst a certain section of our more intellectually challenged countrymen and women is that we all know damned well that in a few years time, when it has all gone disastrously wrong, they will all deny having ever cheered his name, chanted it, written placards about it, tweeted it, liked it on Facebook or got the gurning supply teacher who looks a bit like him and dresses a hell of a lot like him to pose for a selfie. Voted for him?  Gosh no. I always thought he was a wrong un.

I suppose we can content ourselves with this thought but you do have to worry don't you. Even if the Tories bring back a deal that gets the EU to pay us to leave whilst handing us the German car industry   and forces the French to give us the Gallic shrug in addition to our fish back there will still be people who find fault, not least the Labour leader who would claim that by speaking softly to people he could have instituted world peace at the same time. We have to worry though because the plan was that we would have a couple of years after the deal was done and it had been forced through parliament before we had to have another election. Now there is a good chance that we will have one either when all is going disastrously wrong or just when the inevitable compromises are being made. Result? Nobody will be happy, everyone will complain, everyone will claim that they could have done better and everyone will blame the Tories for saddling us with Brexit in the first place, history having been rewritten just sufficiently in the meantime. After all if we can convince ourselves that the Tories are responsible for a fire in a tower block and that it is their fault that many of those who were living there illicitly will never be identified then we can presumably blame them for Brexit very easily.

Perhaps the millennials who are now singing Chauncey's name at Glastonbury ought to remind themselves of a piece of recent history that is unrelated to his fondness for terrorism, left wing fascism, the Soviet Union and union militancy. Perhaps we should remind them that the man now being lauded for the brilliance of his electoral campaign in which he strode around the country with much energy, stood in great contrast to his performance during the referendum campaign. Where was his energy? Where was his fiery rhetoric? Where were his principles? Had the Labour vote held even slightly to the Labour line ostensibly in favour of remain and history would have been very very different.

But this should cheer us up. Yes the world has very clearly gone mad in recent months but this madness cannot last. Even if this current reverence for all things Chauncey, this cult surrounding a man who cannot dress properly and who looks like Steptoe and whose political opinions would make a beauty queen blush with shame seems baffling we can at least now understand how apparently sane countries can get swept along by populists. We have always assumed that such things could never happen in Britain, now we know that we are not immune. A man who was a national joke only months ago is now having his name chanted at a pop concert. How did that happen? I don't think any of us really know, least of all the man himself.

This is a 69 year old career politician whose career has been a failure, who only got his present position by mistake and who never dreamt that he would ever do so well at the general election. He is only still in position because he ignored the opinions of his own MPs. Oh and he lost the election. The last 2 leaders of his party to do that resigned the next day.

Now? Not only is he firmly entrenched in power, he is intent on forcing out his critics and centrist enemies. Yet he presents himself as the voice of reason, of compromise, of peace and loveliness.

I know none of this sounds very cheering, but it is. Because the left are ultimately extremely unpleasant people who imagine themselves morally superior. This means that they will go too far. They always do as a consequence of that very special sanctimony unique to them. They will be exposed and those currently enamoured by them will be disgusted and discomfited. Had the Tories been even slightly competent that would have happened at the election. Now, like a really scary movie with a most improbable storyline, we have reached the third act, the point when everything goes bad and all looks hopeless and lost and the villain is seen by everyone as the hero before his true colours are revealed just in time. All the Tories need to do to achieve this is have a hero emerge to rescue us all. No pressure.

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