Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Jon Snow Fucks Tories

Can anyone honestly claim to be surprised that ageing journalist and over the hill presenter Jon Snow expressed virulent anti-Tory sentiments at the weekend? Are you at all surprised that this achingly right-on figure who cycles to work every day on his ethnic bike having kissed goodbye to his younger ethnic wife was at Glastonbury at the time getting down with the kids and trying to look cool? It's all rather tragic of course but not in the least bit surprising. We always knew Snow is a lefty.

Snow is on record as saying he has turned down honours in the past as this would have compromised him as a journalist. And yet shouting 'fuck the Tories' does not compromise him? Well, for the audience of Channel 4 News, no it probably doesn't. Channel 4 News is supposed to be impartial too. Scrupulously so. It's just that it does so whilst sounding like a broadcast version of The Guardian. You know, like Newsnight.

Snow issued a classic non-denial-denial, about his having no recollection of what was sung or chanted at Glastonbury. So he did indeed sing it then. Any policeman knows that anyone who begins an answer by saying 'I can honestly say' is about to lie to you. The non-denial-denial bit just confirms this. If it were really untrue he could simply have said no I didn't say it. But then he would have risked offending his new teenage friends.

But imagine if a politician tried to get away with such an obvious evasion whilst being interviewed by Snow. Except these days they probably do because he is a long way past his best and would have been sent off to spend more time with his sock and tie collection if Channel 4 were not the sort of place that has to have a representative of every ethnic minority and every sexuality on its staff. Snow is the representative of the embarrassing white grandpa minority. Especially as most of his age group tend to vote Tory. Still, fuck them eh! But I for one would not have missed reading this story for a moment. And that picture above is one of the funniest images I have seen in a very very long time. I enjoyed Glastonbury, but now I can't wait until the next one in 2019 and may go along to see it myself. Who knew there were so many additional entertainments on offer. The ageing rockers are risible enough. But now we have ageing newsreaders making arses of themselves too.

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