Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Labour Struggles With Basic Concepts

How did you vote in the election? Feeling good about your choice? Watch the video above and then feel free to tell me to mind my own business because it's a secret ballot.

We became accustomed to Labour's inability to add up during the election campaign. It seems that this has continued into the aftermath too. They are having difficulties adding up to 326.

Emily Thornberry and indeed many of her colleagues do not accept that they lost the election. And yet when parliament reassembles this week they will find themselves in the same seats as they were before the election. Sure, there will be a few more of them now and fewer Tories. But the position in the House of Commons suggests in a way that perhaps mere arithmetic does not for the Labour front bench, that they did indeed fail to win the election. As is pointed out to Lady Nugee, even if they were to get together with all of the other parties like the SNP, Lib Dems, the Greens and even Sinn Fein if they could be bothered to take their seats, they still wouldn't have a majority. They would still need the DUP.

Lady Nugee is confused. She says that they had a surge of support and this means they won. Er, no. Winning is having more seats. They cannot even claim, as Hillary Clinton did, to have won the popular vote. The Tories won that too. So how does Labour claim a mandate again?

Not that this matters according to Lady Nugee. She and her colleagues would form a minority government which would be incredibly popular. So, I'm confused. How would being incredibly popular, but not as popular as the Tories, enable them to govern? Would they just ignore parliament? Does having a Commons majority not matter? It seems so. Labour would put forward a Queens speech and it would be up to the other parties whether or not they supported it. Which they wouldn't. Because they don't.

This is the party that might by now have been governing us. This woman is the woman who might have been representing us to the world by now. Labour lost but cannot even deal with this statement of fact. It's not hard to see why they struggle with arithmetic, economics, foreign policy, supply and demand and the concept of deterrence.

Theresa May is back to her day job from this week, one to which she is eminently better suited than campaigning. She may have run a lousy campaign, but I know who I feel safer being governed by.

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