Friday, 16 June 2017

Labour's Oath of Juvenile Idiocy

Further to my post yesterday on the principles or lack thereof of the Labour Party, many of them are however acting in a petulant and juvenile way with regard to the oath of allegiance to the monarch. See Richard Burgon, a key Chauncey supporter (above), and one of the Abbott tendency in that he has been promoted way above his intelligence, talent or abilities would normally expect, who made the oath with a silly caveat attached. Perhaps he also had his fingers crossed behind his back. Pathetic. Chauncey also made the oath in a barely audible whisper as have many of his friends and colleagues. It brings back memories of when he was going to have to kneel before the Queen when he joined the Privy Council or when he refused to sing the national anthem at a service to honour our dead servicemen and women.

This blog has republican sympathies. It believes that we need a democratically elected head of state or even for the role to go to a ceremonial head of state elected annually by parliament in the manner of a lord mayor or similar. I even used to be an active participant in Republic, the pressure group that campaigns for the abolition of the monarchy.

But the monarchy has the support of the people. It is a good deal more popular as are its members than any political party. Therefore we have to accept it and honour it. Surely even the most churlish of Labour MPs would have to accept that the Queen does a good and estimable job, is trustworthy, honourable and dutiful.

Since the present system has the full support of the people and there is no widespread call for its abolition or even reform - even Chauncey was forced to acknowledge he has no plans for that during the election campaign - then Labour MPs should take the oath as required of them and without acting like children. They claim to be democrats. Well democracy requires you to obey the law of the land, obey the constitution and offer your allegiance to our head of state in our fully functioning and dignified system of government. I stopped bothering going to Republic meetings because I realised that it is pointless. The British people are happy with things the way they are. They lack the anger and resentment of many lefties wherever they see wealth and privilege.

It is time Labour MPs like Burgon grew up. Many of them imagine that the election result means that they are on the cusp of their longed for revolution. They are not. The result was the consequence of Conservative incompetence and complacency and their own admittedly impressive campaign, albeit a campaign based on lies, misrepresentations and voodoo economics. There is no appetite for the aims and ideas they have but which they keep hidden from public view for fear of scaring them. But they are there all the same. These representatives of the people ignore the people whenever they feel like it. That is the true face of the Labour Party. It is juvenile, it is arrogant and it is facile.

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