Friday, 30 June 2017

The Low Life in the White House

We have been obsessing about our own politics for a long time now and so, though things are certainly in a state few of us are happy about, whatever side of the political divide we are on or even if we are pretending not to be on any side of the line like Jon Snow of Channel 4 News, we can at least content ourselves that things could be much much worse. We could have 4 years of Donald Trump to look forward to.

Of course the problem is that we do have 4 years of Donald Trump to dread.

This week we had the ridiculous story of Trump's fake Time Magazine cover that has been put up in various of his properties for reasons that defy imagination or rational explanation. This is the President of the United States for crying out loud. Who has to make fake magazine covers? Covers using his trademark exclamation marks and telling everyone what great ratings he has? This is so pathetic and needy it's astonishing. It is infantile and deranged. As the orange moron would tweet himself: Sad!

But this is just standard Trump. We have become wearily accustomed to his attention seeking, narcissistic, needy and plain odd behaviour. Sure we may from time to time question how this man got to be where he is today, but we are where we are.

But then this week Trump got into a huge row with a television show he claims not to watch. They had been critical of him, something he ought not to care about since he is supposed to be governing and because it goes with the territory. But this thin skinned creep, this nervous breakdown waiting to happen, did what he always does. He punched below the belt. And he punched a woman, picking on her appearance and claiming she has a low IQ, ironic for a man who famously has to have pictures put on his intelligence briefings so he can understand them.

In particular he made insulting and personal comments about her along with insinuations that they only made their comments because they were piqued because he wouldn't dine with them at his tacky club in Florida. Both hosts incidentally deny this and say they were there to try and get the orange moron to agree to an interview.

It doesn't really matter who is telling the truth here, although it seems likely that the truth is, as ever, a very long long way from anything that Trump has been in close proximity to. But this is the President of the United States attacking a TV presenter of a show that is not poorly rated - shows in the US don't tend to last very long if they are poorly rated - for her appearance and for her alleged lack of brains. He doesn't attack her male colleague and fiance. He attacked the woman. He doesn't attack her arguments, he acts like the nasty, boorish, insecure, brainless playground bully he is and makes lurid claims that are simply untrue and grossly offensive. She was bleeding badly from a facelift? That is something so off the chart disgusting it beggars belief that he said it and has even left it on Twitter for the world to see and for an astonishing number of people to actually retweet.

Apparently just before Trump tweeted about Mika, the couple were discussing those fake magazine covers on their morning show. Remember he claims not to watch the show. But how revealing. Trump has fake magazine covers put up in his properties and is ridiculed the world over for doing so. What is his response? He hits back at people for discussing this and remarking on it.

Now this is being justified by White House press spokespeople as Trump hitting back when attacked. But how is that remotely justifiable. Politicians get criticised. they often get ridiculed. That goes with the territory. Trump should have better things to do with his time than get into spats like this. Contrast his boorishness with the dignity of past presidents. George W Bush was attacked in an incredibly personal way, not least in this country as people questioned his intelligence and integrity. He always ignored this. Barack Obama was attacked in a horribly personal way almost constantly, including of course by Trump himself who questioned his birth status. It was personal and it was racist. Yet Obama either ignored it or reacted with dignity or with good humour. That is what a sane and mature man should do. Trump is neither.

It is said that the Trump White House is struggling to recruit people to many positions. It is said that his staff are afraid of Trump\s incoherent and unhinged rants. The President of the United States has temper tantrums. It is said that this toddler in a septuagenarian's body has to be fed a regular diet of news about himself to keep his attention. He knows nothing about policy, he is ignorant of world affairs, of the basics of economics, diplomacy and has entirely delegated authority on military matters to the generals. He got his job on a constant diet of lies and similar trashy talk he continues to indulge in from the White House. But he has no idea how to actually do the job for which he has been elected. It was just an ego trip for this needy ignoramus who has no idea how stupid he is and how much contempt he is held in by all but the bovine cretins who support him come what may.

America is a laughing stock because of this man and yet he is still defended by useful idiots in the media and in his own administration. You are defending the indefensible and validating this car crash in slow motion. The Russia scandal is mushrooming and is only going to get worse. Trump himself is going to make it worse. He has taken his thuggish business practices and tried to transplant them into politics. Anyone who defends him is simply validating and supporting him. He knows no shame. But you should.

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