Friday, 2 June 2017

The Pound Shop Hugo Chavez

To nobody's great surprise, Labour are now saying that they would avail themselves of the proffered support of the SNP to impose themselves on the country and govern as a minority government. Admittedly they have said this in the person of Emily Thornberry, who wasn't supposed to say it but did anyway because she is an over-promoted, preening, arrogant, asinine cretin, but then half of the would-be cabinet are the same, including the would-be prime minister and chancellor. Just imagine these people actually governing us. And do so while considering that they would govern by doing a deal with the SNP. It concentrates your mind does it not?

This is the very real possibility as we enter this last week of the campaign. Labour have had a good campaign. It would be churlish not to admit it. But they have still had their car crashes. They have still been unable to come up with figures on what their promises will cost. They have still been unable to say how it will all be paid for. They have no idea what their negotiating position will be on Brexit. They would be utterly disastrous in government and would set us back a generation or more. All of the gains of recent years, even after the slight reverse of the Blair/Brown years would collapse. Britain would quickly be reduced to a Chavez style socialist disaster.

Because that is all Chauncey is. He is a pound shop Chavez. He makes all the same wild promises but without the charisma. Labour are doing well because they are promising the earth and telling everyone they will get someone else to pay for it or simply borrow it and hang the consequences. Who they imagine they will borrow from is a mystery. In order to borrow you need someone to buy your debt. The rich will be too busy liquidating their assets and getting the hell out to do that. The cost of borrowing will rise because confidence in the ability and willingness to pay it back will be diminished. We will be on the road to Venezuela style penury.

Chauncey has even taken his modest route to establishing a state controlled press with his threat of the second phase of Leveson. This would be used as a means of controlling the hated media. The freedom of the press would be diminished or lost. Fortunately we live in a country that fights back and would be unlikely to just stand by while our freedoms were lost. The police, judiciary and armed forces would be unlikely to do in this country what they do in proper dictatorships. But that wouldn't stop them trying. They never start out with that stated intention. It just becomes their intent once the reality of economics and human behaviour dawn on them. You cannot tax and spend your way to a socialist paradise. You cannot throw money at everything as a solution. State control of everything leads to sclerosis, inefficiency, vested interests and eventually to corruption. But socialists always imagine it will be different when they try. They never learn because they don't want to. They don't worry about where the money will come from because they don't care.

In the event that Labour do manage to sneak into power their revolution will quickly collapse into infighting, lies and attempts to corrupt the system in their favour. Their experiment would be a disaster. The Tories have had an appalling campaign. But they are still our only way of avoiding this and ensuring that Brexit goes ahead. They are the only way of preventing socialism and the SNP from prevailing. Mrs May was always going to be a poor campaigner, but who knew she would be this bad? Fortunately I still have faith in her as a good administrator. In a week's time she should be able to get back to her comfort zone. But it is incumbent upon us all who love our country and don't want to see it go to the dogs to ensure that happens.

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