Thursday, 6 July 2017

Chauncey's Revolution Starts Here - Start That Centrist Party and Leave Labour Immediately.

It's a month since the general election and, though the dear leader has not yet seized control of the country thanks to his million person march coming up 990,000 short, he is on manoeuvres to consolidate his power over the party. It's reported that mandatory reselections will start as soon as possible. This is to democratise the party, which is code for bend it to Chauncey's will. Fail to toe the line and Momentum hordes will come for you. In other words if Labour MPs behave as Chauncey has done throughout his parliamentary career then they will dispense with your services. And for now that's all. For now.

Ever wondered, naive halfwits cheering on Chauncey for being a breath of fresh air, how socialist governments always become dictatorial? No of course you haven't. You haven't troubled to fill your pretty little heads with knowledge that might be useful rather than consuming what they tell you. Well first they sack you, or deselect you or something along those lines. You might recall that Unite the union recently did this to Gerard Coyne for having the temerity to challenge Len McCluskey in a leadership election he called to consolidate his power. Apparently that was the wrong kind of democracy.

This is how socialists, that's proper socialists like Chauncey and McDonnell, operate. It is how they intend to operate if they ever get their hands on the levers of power. Of course at first they would try their facile prescriptions on the economy, students, foreign policy, nationalisations, taxes, defence, schools and infrastructure. And then, when it all went wrong, which it would very very quickly, they would become what they have always been: nasty, intolerant, fascists who brook no dissent. I happen to think that they would never get away with this because Britain is a democracy in the true sense of the word and would turf them out. But is it worth the risk?

Even now it's not too late if the so called moderates rediscover their principles and form their own parliamentary group. The Labour Party is lost. Face facts. But unite around a new leader and form your own parliamentary party, touch a few millionaires for donations, think up a pleasingly anodyne name for yourselves and then become the official opposition. The left would be furious and would spit and fulminate endlessly. But this is democracy. Chauncey ought to recognise it. He talks about it when it suits him. If he moves against you claiming he has the right thanks to his mandate then point him in the direction of your own just a month ago. And point him in the direction of the history books and Erskine May. We don't vote for parties, we vote for representatives. Those representatives are free to change allegiance as they see fit, especially if they can no longer support their party leader.

This, needless to say, is what the so called moderates should have done 18 months ago. This blog advocated it. Now the matter is urgent. Choose yourselves a leader: I would suggest Yvette Cooper, and have some guts and get on with it. Loyalty be damned. Show some to the country.

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