Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Grow Up Conservatives and Get a New Leader

From Thursday Parliament rises for the recess and we all get a chance for a breather and to take stock. For many, this blog included, it cannot come soon enough.

They say however that, though MPs are certainly looking forward to the break and ministers too, it will only take a few days before they get back to what they have lately been so good at - making Labour look coherent and electable. Let us implore them then to think twice before leaking, before backbiting, before briefing against colleagues. And if they do, well Theresa May should sack one or two of them and make examples of them.And yes that includes Boris and David Davis or their 'friends'.

Yes it is true for now that the possibility of a Labour government has receded. But that doesn't mean Tories can relax and recede into the same complacency that got us into this mess. Labour have not made themselves look electable. They are as divided, confused, dishonest and plain nasty as they were before and during the election campaign. Conservatives are somehow contriving to make a Labour Party led by a Marxist, terrorist supporting, Britain hating, nuclear disarming, impecunious fantasist who lied and lied again during the election campaign, not least on the issue of Student tuition fees and loans, look electable. That is not the achievement of Labour. It is the achievement of the hopeless Conservative Party.

I come back to what I wrote several weeks ago not long after the election in which I called on Theresa May to go. I stand by every word. Because this cannot go on. Remember how the Tories drifted listlessly during the 92-97 parliament until they were finally despatched from power? Well the same could be happening again now, except this time it would be power being handed to a Labour Party run not by Tony Blair and Gordon Brown but by Chauncey, Diane Abbott and John McDonnell.   Imagine what they could do with the country in possession of a big majority. Will the last person to leave the country turn the lights out?

Theresa May has to go. She has to go because she has no authority and because her Cabinet is behaving like a kindergarten run riot with a hand painting set and a box full of whoopee cushions. They need to get together, be brought together if necessary, heads banged and decisions reached. Things are not so bad yet that we must be spared a leadership election, although that would be preferable. If we must have one then we must have one. But wouldn't it be nice if the party could show some maturity and agree a replacement for Mrs May and then get on with governing in the national interest. The national interest is to deliver Brexit as painlessly as possible, to do so with a minimum of civil war and then to get on with the remarkably easy task of forensically exposing the weaknesses and idiocies of every policy position of Chauncey's Labour Party. Why not start with asking him to explain the difference between the Single Market and the customs union. Sit back. Buy popcorn. Feast on the waffle and that soft voice he employs when he is trying to disguise his mounting panic.

I know all the arguments about this not being the time for a change and that the country would not wait while the Tories choose a new leader. Well the country should have thought of that before it voted for Chauncey in such large numbers - some of them even did so more than once by the sound of it. Such enthusiasm. But the fact is that Theresa May was a terrible mistake. I am as guilty of it as anyone else. Now that mistake needs to be urgently corrected. I am open minded about who should replace her. David Davis would be fine. As would Boris. Those are the only two realistic candidates for now. So make your choices and get on with it. Do it this summer. Forget personal ambition, forget silly antagonisms. Choose a leader and get behind him. This time it will be a him. We cannot afford another month of this.

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