Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Not Spitting Enough

This old Spitting Image clip isn't particularly funny, they were often rather poor truth be told, even if we remember otherwise. But it's quite funny given recent events that they all end up in a tower block.

Best of all though is the depiction of Charles and Diana. Everyone these days tells how we always knew theirs was an unhappy marriage from the off (orf?) because of that famous old quote about him wondering out loud whatever love is. But we didn't. We assumed they were madly in love and that he doted on her because she was lovely and beautiful and gave him two lovely sons. Only with the benefit of hindsight did we look back and see all the clues about what a selfish arse he is and how doomed it was from the beginning. Even Spitting Image depicted them as in love.

As we move inexorably towards the day when Charles become king, remember that. He has had his image burnished by the spin doctors in recent years. But he is a selfish, self obsessed, nasty, rather stupid brat with an epic sense of entitlement. Ever wondered why the Queen doesn't abdicate in his favour? Here's your answer.

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