Wednesday, 12 July 2017

PMQs Review: 12th July 2017: The Conventional No Show Edition

As a rule the PMQs review appears here but the PM has grabbed, Gordon Brown style, at the excuse of the arrival of a head of state and the ceremony surrounding that. Now during the election Chauncey made great play of turning up to a debate he had previous said he would not attend if the PM didn't. Yet he still persists in this bizarre recent convention of the Leader of the Opposition not attending PMQs when the PM doesn't. It's ridiculous. What happened to the iconoclast, the new politics?

In a week when the PM has reached out to him for his help and he mocked her for it - we thought he was ready for government - here was an opportunity for mocking her for making excuses about PMQs too.

So, as is the convention of this blog, when they can't be bothered neither can we. I will however post the video later.

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