Tuesday, 4 July 2017

The Preposterous President

There comes a time when you are dealing with a grossly overweight, orange buffoon who is acting like a schoolkid that you just have to ignore him. Like most right thinking people I joined in with the condemnation of his tweets about Joe and Mika last week because they were disgusting, obnoxious, dishonest as usual and misogynistic. But I can't join in with the confected outrage about his retweeting of the video of him beating up a CNN head on a body put online by one of his half wit fans. My reaction is meh! It should be yours too.

This isn't Trump encouraging people to be violent towards reporters, this is Trump refusing as ever to back down and admit he is wrong. He always doubles down. It is his standard modus operandi. This is in contrast to CNN this week, which held up its hands and admitted it had got a story wrong about Trump and fired the reporters responsible. So this is not the fake news media being thumped by Trump. This is the responsible media doing what the media should do. Everyone makes mistakes. Mature people admit them. Orange sociopaths double down and refuse to admit they are capable of them.

We should reserve our outrage for Trump's genuinely outrageous acts and statements. It's not as if there is a shortage of them. And we should be less outraged and more mocking. Trump hates mockery more than anything. When people are outraged the little fat boy feels validated. His tweet at the weekend was in response to people mocking his fake magazine cover. Well there is plenty more where that came from. Just to pick a moment at random from the past 7 days was when he was at a presentation for NASA and didn't appear to understand infinity.

This preening ignoramus is not fit to be president. He is too stupid, too ignorant, too self obsessed, too vain. At the same time he knows deep down that he is unfit to do the job but lacks the maturity to admit it. That is what needs to be concentrated on. That video feeds into his image of himself and of the brainless fools who cheer him on. The best way to take him down is not to express outrage at him but to make supporting him untenable because it is demonstrably a feckless and ridiculous thing to do. Tweeting a video of himself beating up a reporter is absurd. This is a preposterous president. Maybe that is what we should call him from now on. Just choose whatever language will enrage him the most. Do to him what he keeps doing to the liberal media.

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