Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Chauncey and the Loony Left's Skewed View of the World

We've all had fun watching the video above of that deranged woman at the Stop the War protest defending Assad as a good man because 'he's a doctor for god's sake', whilst of course Theresa May is bad because she authorised four missiles to be launched in an attack in which nobody died. She did this, according to this theory, without authority - you might imagine that being Prime Minister conferred a certain amount of authority but I think we can dismiss this Terry Jones impersonator's view of the British constitution.

The point is however, that though this is a fringe view, it is not that different to Chauncey's, the man who wants to be our next Prime Minister and who, according to the polls, stands a decent chance of achieving this.

Chauncey is opposed to any and all military interventions, even those, like the Syria attacks, intended to defend innocent lives. He is an ideological opponent of capitalism and of America and so this, in his peculiar way of looking at the world, obliges him to back and defend the likes of Putin and Assad whilst at the same time posing as a lover of peace. This is what so astonishes about the man. It is perfectly defensible to think that socialism is a better and fairer system for running our economy. It is wrong as history has repeatedly demonstrated, but it is at least an honourable standpoint. But why the need to demonise those who disagree or wish to run their affairs differently? And why the need to back vile regimes like Putin and Assad's. Because that is what Chauncey has been doing this week. Assad used chemical weapons on his own people for the third time and the Leader of the Opposition cavils and questions and pettifogs. How is that different to claiming that Assad is much misunderstood?

Putin and Assad are not good men. They are murderous crooks out to maintain power for its own sake and willing to anything to ensure their survival. And it is not as if it is our intention to wage war on either or to bring about regime change, We just wish to see them respect international law and human rights and stop killing people, including children in basements. Yet according to the protesters on Monday and Chauncey himself who probably wished he had been able to join them, it is Theresa May and Donald Trump who are in the wrong.

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