Friday, 1 June 2018

Is Shami Chakrabarti a Transphobe?

The other day Shami Chakrabarti, one time human rights babe and all round darling of the bien pensants, went on the attack vis a vis abortion and Northern Ireland. Theresa May, she said, should bring forward legislation to make abortion legal in the province in the absence of a functioning government there.

And then she used a telling phrase that she no doubt thought very clever. Theresa May identifies as a feminist she said snidely, the insinuation being that she cant possibly be unless she backs women's right to choose.

Now there are problems with this as I pointed out earlier this week.

But there is a bigger problem that has since occurred to me. The phrase 'identify as' is one that transgender wannabes have taken to using as they assert their claimed right to be any gender they want to be according to whim, fetish or fondness for dungarees. This has represented a step too far for a range of people on the grounds that it is patently absurd, discriminatory and potentially dangerous.

And Shami, who we should remind ourselves is a lawyer, has tacitly acknowledged the absurdity of this position by using the phrase as she did as a means of ridicule. You cannot identify as a feminist if you are against abortion or even against forcing through legislation on abortion on one reluctant province of the UK according to Shami and her friends. Yet Labour's position is that men can 'identify as' women without any medical or official intervention whatsoever. They are entirely happy for men, or indeed women, but we all know it is mostly men, to 'identify as' a different gender to the one they were born as according to how they feel.

Lawyer Shami has demonstrated how farcical this position is with her curiously lax language. How very telling.

Could it be that lefties can see how absurd this whole campaign is but cannot bring themselves to admit it? Can they see quite how vast this can of worms could be if they keep opening it?

Men are men and women are women. That is an end to it. It may be cruel and unfair, but who ever said that life is not cruel and unfair. We can smooth the edges of some unfairnesses and seek to end cruelty, but we cannot turn a man into a woman or a woman into a man. Telling people that we can is telling them lies and will not ultimately make them happier. The sooner politicians accept this and stop this ridiculous farrago in its tracks the better. Maybe the Prime Minister could show some leadership and do so. In so doing she would be standing up for women. That's real women, not the ones with penises who need an awful lot of counselling and lessons in reality.

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